Tracking SaaS marketing ROI

Return on investment (ROI) in SaaS is tricky, to say the least. Sales cycles are long, customers have multiple visits, and they are exposed to various marketing messages and sales materials - online ads, on-site content, emails, online seminars, etc. When they finally convert it's difficult to calculate Customer acquisition cost (CAC) and you still miss the true Customer lifetime value (CLV) which you will only know after a couple of months.

Dripit is a SaaS itself; we know the pain. That's why we have created the infrastructure which enables you to track inbound marketing and outbound sales in one place. And you can query past journeys when you have figured out which are your high CLV users and want to know how you acquired them.



Query past journeys

Dripit has data API which allows you to retrieve past customer journeys to see which channels are responsible for high CLV users and how much exactly you have spent.


Unified customer journey

Dripit stitches together multiple single visits into a full journey. As a result, you know exactly how you acquire traffic and how long is the whole journey.


Sales and marketing in one funnel

Marketing and sales are not always “friends”, but both are responsible for conversion. Dripit has the tools to track both activities, and how they perform to generate conversions.



Your customers are different. So are their funnels and solutions which affect them. Dripit provides you with a retrospective view on a journey based on their conversion values. In other words, you can see how your “Starter plan” sales funnel differs from the “Enterprise plan”.