The great mixture of in-house marketing initiatives, content strategies, and outsourced partners - AdWords ninjas, Facebook gurus, and SEO hustlers. Sounds great! But tracking how all these players work together and deliver value is quite a challenge.

Dripit allows you to have an overview of how all players and channels cooperate to drive conversions and identify weak spots in your customer journey.



All channels

Sometimes you just want to see how everything comes together. Dripit allows you see exactly that. How all your channels work together.


Problem points in a journey

Knowing precisely how your customers go from Acquisition to conversion and what has impact on them is important. But the real value comes from identifying problems in a journey. Dripit infrastructure is built around the concept of the customer journey. You can customise the steps and track how your existing solutions work. And you can identify problem points to fix.


Powerful data API

There are times when you have to connect your internal data with insights from other tools. We know that. That's why we provide the ability to access information programmatically as well.


Cost tracking

Aggregating costs across all channels is not an easy task. Dripit has a growing number of integrations and tools to track costs across all of your channels and have a clear understanding of cost structure and total amounts.