E-commerce marketing performance

In e-commerce having data-driven insights about marketing performance is hard. Multiple channels, various products in multiple categories, many steps in the sales funnel, and also multiple customer segments based on price range, device, location, retention, and others.

At Dripit we have created an environment to tell what exactly worked for which segment at what stage in the sales funnel. And vice versa - what did not work!



Conversion drivers

Dripit is tracking the full journey across multiple days, visits, devices. There is a story behind every click - where in the funnel it happened, did it contribute to a conversion, and how much did it cost. Dripit tells you the story!


Powerful segmentation

Your clients are different, as they are influenced by diverse marketing activities. Dripit enables you to see each segment’s acquisition channels, time till purchase, and major influencers at every step.


Micro-conversions vs. abandonment

Conversion is the result of several micro-conversions. And there are certain tools dedicated for particular stages. Like recommendation engine or basket fetch-back solutions. Distinct sales cycle stage reports allow you to dive in and see what helps micro-convert visitors to the next stage in the funnel, and how each channel contributes.


All costs in one place

Tracking costs across multiple channels can involve an Excel spreadsheet and a headache. Dripit has an expanding list of integrations to track costs on a single click basis. You will have all your costs in one place and their distribution across customer journey, with the option to add costs manually to sources like blog posts or on-site campaigns.