As an agency, you have multiple clients. You want to deliver value to every single one of them but as it always happens, there is not enough time.

At Dripit our goal is to help you to identify your client problem points fast, fix those "low hanging fruits" - overpriced keywords, underperforming campaigns - quickly, and provide opportunities to grow audience and client base.



All channels in one place

Multiple channels with various reports and self-attributed revenue is not the best combination to understand how your latest campaign has performed. Dripit calculates everything based on journey and analyses how all channels work together to drive conversions.


Save time on audit

You have access to your clients Adwords account and see that they have thousands of keywords in hundreds of ad groups and campaigns. Good luck digging into this mess. In reality, there are three types of channels - Performers, Underperformers, and Zero contribution channels. At Dripit we show you exactly these.


Track content performance

Calculating ROI on content marketing has always been a bit of an "esoteric" exercise. "It is long term investment" is the way to persuade the client not to kill the effort. Dripit enables you to actually track content performance and its contribution to conversions. Furthermore, you can add costs and see the ROI.



Return on investment. A lot of times it is hard to understand investment part as there are multiple channels from multiple tools. Dripit has ever growing number of integrations and tools to track costs across all of your channels and give a clear understanding of cost structure and total amounts.