Channel profile

For every channel or group of sub-channels (e.g., Adwords campaign or Ad group) there is a dedicated view which shows how exactly this particular campaign, channel, or keyword has performed.

Assisted journeys and cost distribution

Assisted journeys

The graph shows where in the customer journey this particular channel has had an impact and how many conversions it has affected at every stage. Cost distribution for the channel will be shown if costs are available.

Micro-Conversions vs Abandonment

Microconversions Journey count in a stage is not enough to understand how well a channel performs. It is important to know how well it functions to move visitors down the funnel. Micro-conversion graph shows exactly that. What did a site visitor do after an interaction with a particular channel? Did they move to the next stage or abandon the whole process?

Micro-conversion graph is invaluable to understand which are the best channels at every stage of a journey.

You can also see how the micro-conversion of this channel for different stages compares to site average.


Overall impact

This graph shows how big of an impact this particular channel has compared to the overall traffic. There are times when a channel or a marketing tool performs very well, but it is just too small to make a significant impact. This graph gives you perspective.



Channels like "Email", "Adwords", and "Blog" contain sub-channels. Sometimes you may want to understand performance on the smallest level like "keyword", but there are times when you are interested in the execution of a group. For example "ad-group" or "campaign" level.

If there are subchannels for a particular channel, dripit will also show a table of those channels with the ability to sort by various criteria (impact on Conversions, ROI, Conversion rate).

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