An overview is all about the Big picture. This section answers the following questions:

  • What is my site's customer journey?
  • Where do I lose visitors?
  • How long it takes for my customers to convert?


Acquisition channels

Funnel shows how your traffic moves from stage to stage in a customer journey. By hovering over each bar, you can see how many journeys have reached a particular stage based on your selected Filters.

Assisted journeys and cost distribution

Acquisition channels

Assisted journeys represent the number of journeys at each stage which have been influenced by some channels or marketing tools. If someone had left the site at, for example, Cart stage and came back later from Search, Referral URL, or advertising, the journey will be indicated as assisted at Cart stage by that particular channel.

If cost information is available (e.g., Adwords integration is activated), Dripit will show how costs are distributed across the Customer journey.

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