The journey is all about channel performance at every stage and ability to move site visitor to the next stage.

If you want to learn more about how to customise customer journey, go here!

Firstly, click on any particular stage in the funnel overview that you wish to explore.

Microconversions vs Abandonment

Top micro-converters

There are channels which are really good at moving customers from a particular stage to the next one in the funnel.

Expensive abandoners

As there are good channels, there are also bad ones. The ones which generate large amount of abandoning visitors. If Dripit has information about costs, here you will see Top most expensive channels in the selected stage.

Time till conversion

Time till conversion

Graph which shows how long it takes for converting visitors to reach conversion after the selected stage.

This insight can help you better understand how long you would have to run a retargeting campaign for people who have reached this stage.

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