Dripit can tell exactly which channels were responsible for acquisition. There are three primary KPI's to evaluate the efficiency of channels in this stage - Impressions, Conversions, and New conversions.

Acquisition KPI's

High impression channels

Impressions can be shown if you have added one of the integrations (e.g., Adwords or Facebook) and there is information about advertising impression count.

This information can be used to understand the best channels for branding and awareness campaigns.

High conversion channels

These are channels which have started customer journeys that converted. In this particular graph you can see the most efficient ones.

High new conversion channels

Essentially this is a subset of converting channels and shows exactly which channels are responsible for the first-time customers.

It is useful if you are looking for sources which can help you grow your client base.

Acquisition table

Acquisition table

It lets you sort all your channels and tools based on all three criteria. On the right side, you will see a summary of the channels in the selected page and how they compare to the average baseline.

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