The True Value of Your Marketing Channels

Track your marketing performance and costs across customer journey!

Image from Dripit dashboard


Toolbelt for modern online marketer

Image from Dripit dashboard

Customer Journey

Dripit tracks full customer journey across multiple days and visits. With our flexible API you can track also visitors across devices and other systems e.g. CRM.

Flexible Cost Trackings

Cost tracking is important. We know exactly how your costs are distributed across customer journey and what impact those channels have made in every step. Our cost API allow you to add costs even for your blog or any other source you would like to calculate ROI.

Image from Dripit dashboard
Image from Dripit dashboard

All Marketing Touch-Points

We identify online, email, social campaigns out of the box. With one-click integration you can add Adwords and Facebook for cost tracking. Have a blog and want to understand its ROI? No problem, we can track impact on conversions for any source you consider important. Just “dripit.track(‘Blog’: {‘title’: ‘My great post’})” and it will be part of your customer journey analysis.

Attribution Models

As we know exactly when your customer journeys have started, we don’t have attribution window. We always know which channel was first touch (Acquisition) and which was last. No matter when a journey started or how long it was. To make it even easier to “feel the data”, we have created nice visualisation of all touch-points.

Image from Dripit dashboard
Image from Dripit dashboard


There are times when you want to have data in your spreadsheet which starts with “master_something.xls” or know how much you paid for particular acquisition or which channels influenced certain cohort of customers. We have got you covered. Our API let you query past customer journeys and export them in format you feel comfortable.


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